April 27, 2005 to July 8, 2005
Original charter cancelled so
neighbors Will and Sid
Gautreaux went instead.  Limits
on everything!
Burton LeBlanc and Tom
Meyers braved the winds to
catch these reds.
Long time fishing
buddies, Gene
Smith and Bill Blair,
enjoying a day in
the Delta
Robert                            Steve                           Todd
The weather conditions and water were great for
this trip and these three took advantage of it with
lots of fish being pulled in
Joe came down to
fish with us from
Chicago and
hooked into this
Blake liked
showing off his
bull as much as he
did catching it.
Mike Sotile
These three anglers spent
the day seeing who could pull in the biggest and the most.  
No competition, right?
It was another fun day on
the water for this group.  Horace Wilkerson (not pictured)
brought along friends Julie and Dwayne Kennison and his wife
This trio of
Sonniers -
brothers Butch
and Todd with
their dad Jim
Father's Day a day
early with a trip
down to the
Delta.   They
hauled in a great
mix of reds and
Brandi Seal along with Marty
Gallagher (showing off his bull
red) and Munday Rushing spent
a FUN day on the water with us
pulling in bulls.  Brandi's red
was almost as big as she was.
Shane Candies had
his line stretched by
this good looking
Mark Kebodeaux
enjoyed battling
this Jack fish!
Mike Nicar was pulling in 4's
and 5's.  Some great looking
Gene Smith called to
say that he was
bringing two of his
"old" Air Force buddies
down to show them
what real fishing was all
about.  They had a
great day pulling them
Chet Griffin
not only
caught great
fish, but also
designed a
new hat style.
Don Anderson
wasn't shy
about showing
off his big bull!
Here Chet, Don, and Gene
demonstrate a little of that
teamwork for which the
military are noted.
Burton LeBlanc and his wife
JeanAnn brought their older
daughters to the Mississippi
Delta to introduce them to
marsh fishing. This monster
red was an added bonus for
Allen, Brent, and Tony had
day down here in the
Delta with both the reds
and the specks!!
Don Woolridge of
Monroe caught his
biggest trout so far while
having his son William
on board.
Red fish hunters,
Lowell Vaughters and
Steve Lake of Tupelo,
limited out with some really
nice ones.
Kevin Bankston
David Phillips
Catherine Wilkinson
Dwayne Kennison
Julie Kennison
Laurin with
some of her
catch of reds
and trout.  
She had a great time and
did a great job pulling in
the fish.
specks and  reds isn't
that hard.  Hopefully she
will love it as much as her
dad does.
                          Larry Mitchell
and                                   Barry  
Hutchinson with his brother Gilbert
had a great two days pulling in
limits in the Mississippi Delta.  I plan
on seeing them again in the
                     Wade Guy and
Rusty McCulley from
Mississippi came down for a
very successful trip as "Dennis"
was churning into the Gulf.