From March 28, 2006
to May 13, 2006
Driving in from Jackson, MS were
Linda and Wess King and their
friend John.  They had a great
time pulling in reds and specks.  
Some BIG and some not.
Jamie Taylor
of Shaw
netted a
bunch of
specks on
this trip.  He
has moved in
next door so
we plan to
see him a lot!
These three friends spent a day on the water with us
here in Venice getting their fill of reds and specks.  Dale
Wales (getting an extra picture) came in from Georgia
while Ken Phaller (Look at that hat!) and Jeff
Heckenburger are from Baton Rouge.  We look forward
to seeing them again this season.
This father and
son-in-law team
of Nick Hayett
and Joe
Leasman from
Houston spent
the day with me
cleaning up on
some great fish
down here in
Greg Stroscher brought his two
friends Jeff Barousse and Keith
Stroud down for a day of "fun in
the Delta" and had a fantastic
day.  Just look at the size of those
specks!  In addition they had a
couple of reds to throw on the grill.
Jeff, Keith, and Greg
Earl, T. J., and Perry
T. J. Horvath brought Earl Luckés and Perry Ludkés
of Minnesota down to explore the Mississippi Delta
and also to haul in some of those sweet Delta trout.  
left to right
Wayne Ducote
Kyle Ducote
Kyle Wiley
Jay Wiley
Friends Jim Norad and Allen
Dessell are trying to decide if
they can use these beautiful
reds and specks as Mothers'
Day gifts for their wives.      
Good Luck with that!
It was a father and son trip when Jay Wiley and
Wayne Ducote brought their sons Kyle and Kyle
down to the Delta for the day.  They pulled them in
from under a cork and on top water too.  They
ended up with a box full fish and a bunch of great
memories to last a lifetime.  Remember a charter
makes great family memories.
The trip over from
Mobile, AL, to Venice,
LA, was well worth it
to Stephanie Hoof and
Mike Lacy as you can see from
these great reds they are bragging
on.  They also topped off the ice
chest with a bunch of specks.
One of my first charters
after Katrina demolished things
down here.
David, Carl, and Eric went with
me and had a great day catching
a boatload.
                      My "old"
fishing                                       buddies  
made a   successful trip down here
to the Delta.  Allen Desselle of
Independence,  LA and  George          
Dunaway of Walker loaded up on
specks and reds while having a
great time swapping fish tales.
My little brother, Roy
Langridge, and two of
his friends, Kenny Waters and Kenny Vairin, spent the
day with me pulling in a great mix of reds and trout.  
They filled the chest so full we had to lay the bag of ice
on top and hold it on.  No closing the lid today!
Roy, Kenny V., and Kenny W.