From April 1, 2007
to May 22, 2007
April is supposed to be warm
but the unseasonable COLD
didn't stop John Alvrez and Wood Golden from having
a great two days on the water.
Richard Herman
Stan Mooney
Dave McCully
Stan and Richard
This trio of anglers came in for nothing but catch and
release Bulls and that is just what they got.  Of course
besides the three days of fishing, they also got a little
rain and fog just to make things interesting.
Jimmy Walters and
his son Trey took
some time out to
come on down to
the Delta and enjoy
a little quality
father/son time
together.  They also
got to take home
some of those tasty
Delta trout.
Jimmy Walters
Trey and Jimmy
This fun foursome - Clint Bernard,
Joe Stanford, Ray Fanguy, and
Bruce Guedry - had a great time
hauling in all the Delta had to offer.  
As we always say:  Friends, Fun, and
Fish - You can't beat it!
I had planned a lazy day of fishing with my good friend George
Dunaway when I got a call from Peter McHugh and Tom Bohl
asking about a charter for the same day.  They were all for
adding George to the group and all four of us had a great time
hauling in our limits of trout out in the Delta.
Tom Bohl, George, and Peter McHugh
Mark Willie
Steve Dillard
Ken Decker, Mark Willie, and
Steve Dillard
What a great time I had with these three from Atlanta.  Ken Decker, Mark Willie, Steve
Dillard, and I spent the morning filling the ice chest with limits of trout, followed by
about 40 catch and release trout, and all before 9:00am.  We even threw in a few reds
to even everything up.  It was truly a fantastic day to be in the Delta.
My good friend "Doc"
Dahlke and his two
friends - Bud and Wiley -
from Mississippi came
down for a charter.  
Despite a really bad fog
early on, it was a very
good day.
Here is my leisure-time
fishing buddy, George
Dunaway, showing off a
beautiful pair of trout.
Mitch, Roy - my baby brother-
and Kenny show off a real Delta
Harvest.  They pull together this
trip at least once a year and this
year the bounty was great.  A
one hundred quart ice chest of
trout plus my drink ice chest
filled with reds.  All of this by
11:00am - plenty of time for a
Mitch, Roy, and Kenny
George Dunaway
Lucie Walters
and Skyler
Lucie Walters decided to
treat her son, Skyler, to a
great day of fishing down
here in the Delta.  Skyler is
on leave from Iraq and we
were really pleased to be a
part of his time at home.  
What a great way for a mom
to spend quality time with
her son!
Sometimes even Big
"O" gets a big
"Thank you!" for
being a part of a
memorable day.
Rub-a-dub-dub four men in a
This foggy Venice morning
was just a prelude to a
fantastic day !