From June 19, 2007
to May 17, 2008
Gina Landry from Bass
Pro was able to get down
here to the Delta and haul
in some beautiful reds.
Jimmy Wilder
Big "O"
Bill Blair
Jimmy Wilder, Charles "Doc" Dahlke
and Bill Blair
This group of old clients - and we're not referring to age -
went out and helped me fill the ice chest with some really fine
specks while having a great time videoing the whole thing.
Chris Ginn from Louisiana Sportsman
had contacted me for a photo trip to
take a few pictures for the magazine
down here in Venice, so I got Pat
McKee and Ed Williams from Bass Pro
to come along with us and have a
great day catching those great Delta
specks and reds.  Look for us in the  
May '08 issue of
Louisiana Sportsman.
Chris Ginn, Pat McKee, and Ed Williams
Larry Hidalgo and family
Kenny Waters, Kenny Varin, and
Kenny Waters, Kenny Varin, and my
brother, Roy Langridge, came down
on their annual trek to the Delta and
had a great time relaxing and pulling
in some beauties.
Larry Hidalgo brought
his family down with
him to spend a little
quality time enjoying
the Delta and all its
charms like these
good-looking reds.  
Sonny Glenn and his wife Gail
spent some quality time together
down here in the marsh seeing
who could out fish the other.  
Fishing is great for family
bonding whether it is husbands
and wives or parents and
Horace Wilkinson and a couple of
his buddies made it down long
enough to pick up some beautiful
reds and trout.
Manny Gilliardo came down with a
couple of friends and really went after
the trout then decided to add a few
reds to round it out.
Manny Gilliardo
David Van Lent
and his fishing
buddy came
over from Florida to see just how great the fishing
here in Venice is and they weren't disappointed.  
Just look at those smiles.
Alex Jobert's
foursome had a
great time down
here fishing and
relaxing.  What a
way to spend time
with friends!  It's
like we always
say, "Fishing and
fun go hand in
Will Pearce, Don  and David Johnson
Since I graduated with Will's dad, I
am always happy to have him down
here and really happy when he is
down with such a fun group.  They
had a great day hauling in reds and
and his
fishing bud
went after
the bulls
and didn't
come up
Great job
Sonny Glenn
Robert Hodges and my
daughter, Shawn, had a
great time keeping me
busy finding fish.  
Captain's daughters
learn early to use that
towel when picking up
Robert Hodges & Shawn Fuentes
Gary Gagliano
Gary Gagliano and his fishing
buddy came down for a go at those
Delta reds and specks.  Needless
to say, the bulls were biting!
Kelsey Short
Kelsey Short always enjoys
his trips down to Venice
bringing home those sweet
Delta trout.
Big "O" and Joel Hall
Joel Hall came
down with his
friend Jamie
Taylor for a
relaxing day here
in the Delta.  Instead he had a hard
day of working to haul in all those
specs and reds.  Who says fishing
isn't work?