From May 18, 2008 to
August 14, 2008
Harvey Michaels
Chris Walthall
Dennis Prince
Mike Weed
These three anglers came
down from Arkansas and
had a great time hauling
in some "fruit of the
Delta".  Just look at those
beautiful specks and red.
Harvey came in with a group out of
Houston.  He was all smiles when
he landed this big bull red and
who could blame him.
Here is the newest fisherman
in the Langridge crew.  Sarah
lives in Germany with her dad
and mom, Brian and Diana
Langridge, so she only fishes
when she flies in to see her
Papa and Meme.
Pearce, Scroler, and Johnson
These three - Will Pearce, Lance
Scroler, and David Johnson - just
can't stay away from the Delta!  
Here they are with one of the Big
Bulls they hauled in.  I'm hoping
they will be back soon.
Austin, Dad, and Aubrey
The Wiggins men came down for a
fishing getaway and went home
with some beauties.  What a great
way to spend quality time together!
Tommy, Matthew, and Shawn
My daugther and grandsons had a great time down here
with Papa.  Matthew caught this bull red that was as big as
he is while Tommy settled for grill-size keepers
Lester Boiken reeled in this
beautiful trout on his recent trip to
Venice.  It was definitely one to be
proud of at well over 5 pounds.
Drew Bade
David Bade
These three anglers
came down river from St.
Louis, MO to see just
how great the fishing is
on the south end of the
Mississippi.  They
certainly weren't
disappointed.  Great
fishing guys!
Alan Schweiss
Lester Boiken
The Sonnier brothers - Todd
and Butch - enjoyed taking
their dad, Jim, on a great
fishing trip to celebrate
Father's Day.  This is an annual
event with the guys and
always lots of fun and fish.
Jim Sonnier
Butch Sonnier
Todd Sonnier
Vince Gagliano
Vince Gagliano enjoyed a
day on the waters around
Venice.  Just look at that
Bull he pulled in and that
wasn't all.
The Chuck McDaniel Family
Chuck McDaniel  brought
the family - Theresa,
Tristan, and Matthew -
down to the Delta to enjoy
some quality time
together.  What a great
way to get away from it all -
business, TV, video
games, etc. - and just
enjoy each other.
David shows off the perfect
size red for the frying pan.  
Boy, there will be good eating
at the table tonight.
Bobby Bowlin was in
from six months in
Iraq and decided to
bring his wife Tracy
and son Bobby
Wayne to enjoy a
wonderful time
down here fishing
and just relaxing.
Tracy and Bobby Bowlin
Bobby Wayne and Mom
James and Kim
James and Kim Argrave
came down to the Delta to
catch some of those Bulls
and that is just what they
did.  You might recognize
Kim if you have been
hanging out at Bass Pro.  
She is doing a great job
with setting up
Joe Ashy and Big "O"
Joe Ashy, Pat Gray,
Gene Smith & Gilmer Abels
It is always interesting when Gene
Smith gets a group of his buddies
together for me to take out
fishing.  They are always full of
great stories about times they
have shared.  I just hope that they
include some of these Venice trips
in their repertoire.  Joe's Bull Red
should give him material to spin
tales about for a while.
Manny Guileyardo, who fishes with
me pretty often, decided to come
on down and bring his sons-in-law
with him this time.  Danny Brown is
from Baton Rouge, but Trey
Neathery came all the way from
Dallas.  They enjoyed a great day on
the water loading up on those trout.
Danny Brown, Trey Neathery, and
Many Guileyardo
Joey Tedder from Texas and
Gregg Abney from
Prairieville, La. caught a
whole box of reds along
with a bunch of sharks.  It
seems those sharks like the
reds as much as we do.
Joey Tedder and Gregg Abney
Steve Rodenhiser and Brian Maynor
Steve and Brian came down from
Tennessee to do a little fishing in "redfish
heaven" and that is exactly what they did!  
All the keepers they wanted plus loads of
catch and release ones too.  Throw in
some big specks and you've got just what
they were looking for.
Christie Holwager won a trip with
Big "O" by being the top
salesperson at Bass Pro. She and
her husband Jamie came on down
and I put them on lots of Bulls and
a limit of keepers. She also
caught a 4# trout.  A nice reward
for a job well done.
Christie and Jamie Holwager