From August 16, 2008
to April 22, 2009
Damian, Paul, Ed, and Jude Cambre
you                                               just have
to get                                             a little wet
when                                             you're
trying to                                                catch
the big                                                   one
and this was one of those days.  
Fortunately we got on the fish early
enough to catch a bunch before the rains
caught us.
Kenny Barbier
Tiny Guileyardo
Scott Guileyardo
Manny Guileyardo
This group of anglers
have been out with me a
bunch and this turned out
to be another great day
down in Venice.  Lots of
nice reds and trout too.  It
doesn't get any better
than that.
This group of fishermen -
Mark Reynerson, Jack
Gauldin, Joe Long, Roy
Williams, Jim Bale, and Bill
Lucas - were all associated
through their fine work with
the Boy Scouts of America.  
They were in for two days of
great Delta fishing and that is
exactly what they got!
Bob Doty
Bob came down to enjoy a little
relaxing time pulling in those
nice Venice reds.  Great job, Bob.
These boys from Kentucky
wanted REDS, but even they
weren't expecting a trip like
this two-day one turned out
to be!  The old saying,
"pictures speak louder than
words," definitely applies
here.  What a blast!
Bob Moore
Bob Moore didn't mind
posing for the camera
with this beautiful bull.
Mark Reynerson
Mac McBride
Dillon and Charles
Charles Vanzant and his son Dillon came
down from Tennessee to spend a little
time in the Delta hauling in those great
Venice trout and redfish.  What a great
twosome to have on board.
Cliff Zeairs and Earl LaGraize
Rick Harper
Rick, Cliff, and Earl came down to
the Delta as part of a six angler
group and had a great time with us
down here catching those specks.
Richard Manzella
came on down to the Delta and went home
with              a great catch of the Delta's finest.
Liz Taylor and her dad Jamie
treated themselves to a day
of fishing with Big O.  Liz had
a great time pulling in some
awesome reds.
Liz Taylor and Big O
Irene and John Henning
Dr. Thomas Plantz
Dr. Thomas Plantz brought
down a group of anglers
for a two day weekend trip
and hauled in a bunch of
reds on Saturday and trout
on Sunday. What a great
way to relax with a group of
friends and colleagues.  
We are looking forward to
having them again soon.
Allen Desselle and I had a great
day on the water.  Check out this
pair of specks.
These two anglers, Ben &
Sonny Pearson won a trip
from a Bass Pro
promotion and we had a
Steve Nethery
Luke Nethery
Tom Nethery
Here is another group that proves that fishing down here in
Venice is a great way to spend quality time with the family.  
The Nethery came over from Fort Worth, TX to spend a little
time together.  Those reds didn't hurt either.
Gene Smith brought down
J. J. Menozzi to enjoy the
bounty of the Delta.  Gene
and J. J. both have served
as T-38 squadron commanders at Columbus, MS.  
J. J. is there now but of course Gene's service was
a while back.
Gene Smith and J. J. Menozzi
Andy Yambrek
Steve Rodenhiser
Steve Rodenhiser and Andy
Yambrek came down from
Memphis, TN to spend three days
chasing reds and trout down here
with me.  What a time we had!  
Limits on everything all three days
plus lots of catch and release fish.  
These men have fished all over
the world and both were really
impressed with the Venice fishing.  
You just can't beat it.
Ben and Sonny Pearson