From April 28, 2009 to
  June 10, 2009
Cancellations mean
my family can slip
down to the Delta
for a little fishing
trip with their
Papa.  Shawn and
the Boys had a
great time and a
perfect day for
hauling in those
BIG reds and
delicious trout.
Tommy Fuentes
Shawn Fuentes
Matthew and Shawn Fuentes
Colin Sweeney
Mikey Sweeney
and Darahyl
Colin, Mikey, and
Darren came
down and had a
good time
catching some
really good fish
and spending
time with great
Tommy Pace, Johnny Stockton, &
Blake Pace
These three anglers
joined me down here in the
Delta and had a bang-up day
with plenty of reds and trout
to throw in the ice chest. A
little fun and sun down here
in Venice, LA.
Robert Gatica, Bobby Gatica, &
Steve DeLaune
There is nothing better than
a beautiful Spring day on the
water with a few friends -
and relatives - and a lot of
bait.  Reds and trout were
what Robert and Bobby
Gatica and Steve DeLaune
came for and that's what
they left with.
Kenny Waters
Roy Langridge
My younger brother Roy and
his friend Kenny Waters
came down for their annual
big fishing trip to the Delta.  
As you can see, they had
two days of great fishing.  
It's always fun fishing with
family and friends.
Andre Amedee, Russell
Chabaud,                                                             &
Joe Paul Amedee
Andre and Joe Paul
Amedee from Belle
Chasse and Russell
Chabaud of Houston
dropped down to
spend a couple of days
hauling in some
beautiful bull reds and
trout.  We were able to
locate a bunch so the
guys had a great time
catching and releasing
those big bulls as well
as stocking up on
those delicious trout
An old friend of mines son - Skip
Horack - came down to the Delta
for a little reunion time with some
of his friends - all graduates of
Florida State U. - and called me
looking for a charter for some of
the guys. The day was at best "iffy"
with the weather, but Pat McKee,
Richard Wise,  and Chris Mosley
had a great time hauling in an
assortment of Delta goodies.  Reds,
trout, flounder, black drum,
crokers,.  You name it and those
boys caught it.
Richard Wise
Pat McKee
Chris Mosley
Ross Stevens
Authur Abercrombie
Paul Spaht
                                                   Ross Stevens brought two of his friends - Arthur
Abercrombie and Paul Spaht - down for a little Delta harvest.  They all had a good time
hauling in reds and specks while enjoying a relaxing day in the marsh.  Although there
weren't a ton of specs, the ones they brought in were big.  There is nothing better
than fresh trout for supper.
Dwayne Benable
Dr. Tom Plantz and Kelly Lee
It was another great day in the Delta for Dr. Tom Plantz and his friends Dwayne
Benable and Kelly Lee.  Just look at those beautiful fish!
Lynn, Bo, and Carlos
Capt. Donnie Ray Thomas' Group
I was fortunate enough to be a part
of a reunion trip for some great
Viet Nam War vets.  Capt. Donnie
Ray Thomas put the trip together
and we all had a great time.
Friends, fun, and fishing - you just
can't beat 'em.
Suzette and Everett Watson
Suzette and Everett Watson from the
Houston area came over to give the
Delta a try and what a beautiful day it
was. There is nothing so nice as
being on the water at this time of the
Lonnie Schraeder, Joe Gibson and
Griff                                                                  Leek
Kelly Lee
Lonnie Schraeder,
Joe Gibson, and
Griff Leek came to
us from up around
Hattisburg and what
a day we had!  These
three are all married
to sisters, so it was a
contest between the
in-laws all day.