From June 11, 2009 to
September 20, 2009
Happy Birthday again!
Every June Jamie Taylor
celebrates his birthday
with a fishing trip down
here with me.  This year
the birthday group
included his wife Sarah
and brother Jon.  It was a
great day as usual.
Jamie, Sarah, and Jon Taylor
Lonnie Blanchard, Allen Schweiss,
Dave Bade
Just follow the Mississippi down
to the Gulf.  That's what this
group of friends from St. Louis
did.  Three boatloads of anglers
came in for  three days of sun
and fun with a bunch of fish
thrown in.  Fortunately the fish
were really biting so we were
able to get our limits before that
summer heat got too bad.
Will Scott, Patton Fritze, and Bill Scott
Bill Scott came down to the Delta
with his son Will and his son-in-law
Patton Fritze for a little family
fishing trip.  It was an outstanding
day for all.  Some of the Delta's
finest filled their ice chest for the
trip home.
Bob McGehee
John Gebhart
Nick Henley
Capt. Raymond's Boat
What a great way to celebrate an
upcoming wedding!  Bob McGehee
had his bachelor party down here
with us in the Delta and did they
have a fun time.  I had a boat load
consisting of the groom-to-be
along with his friends John
Gebhart and Nick Henley while my
good friend Capt. Raymond helped
me out by taking the rest of the
Curtis Scott
Sometimes buying those raffle
tickets to help a cause pays off.  
Mick Doherty bought one and
ended up with a trip down here
with me.  He brought two of his
friends along - Curtis Scott and
Frank Brunner - to add to the fun
and as the pictures show they had
a great day
Frank Brunner, Mick Doherty,
and Curtis Scott
These two friends came
down for a little R&R
never expecting the
amount of work they
were in for.  The weather
was HOT as was the
fishing.  Everything was
hungry but especially the
reds.  The guys put in a
day's work hauling in and
releasing 107 (according
to the counter) reds.  
This was in addition to
their take home catch.
Days like this are rare
even in the Delta.
Brian Low
Mike Tuma
Bob Newman decided to
bring his good friend Bob Flournoy from Tennessee down here to the Delta
for its great fishing and rich history.  What a day we had!  The weather was
something to write home about with funnel clouds trying to drop down to kiss
the Gulf, but it made the                                                                        big one bite!
Bob                                                                    Flournoy  
hauled                                                                    in the
biggest                                                                         trout we
have                                                                         had in the
old                                                                         Skeeter this year
8# 2oz.                       
Bob Flournoy and Bob Newman
Doug DuBois
Lee Stallcup
Doug DuBois and Lee Stallcup brought
their sons down from Shreveport to take
part in the LSU baseball camp and figured
that they would continue on south to take
in the fishing down here while the boys
were at camp.  They had a great trip with
lots of reds and trout.  Lee was able to
snag a black triple-tail!  It's always fun to
pull in something a little different.
Allan and Scott McKinnie, Andrew
Mark Thomas
the Groom-to-be
                                                              A fishing trip down to the Delta seems to be the way
to                                                                          celebrate an upcoming wedding.  We have had
several "Stag" parties this year and the guys have had great times.  This party was in honor of
Scott McKinnis and he shared the fun with his friends - Allan McKinnie, Andrew Hendrix, and
Mark Thomas.  Everyone caught a bunch and had a great time telling stories of fun times they
had shared together.  Very laid back.
Andrew Hendrix
Ross Walkart and Doug Zimmerman
My old friend Ross Walkart
brought his friend Doug
Zimmerman down for a trip and
just look at that gorgeous bull!  
Lots of fun down here in the Delta.
What a surprise when my wife called
to say that her best friend's son was
going to be my client the next day.  
Jim Robinson and Jordan Minton were
down with a large group and as luck
would have it ended up in my boat.  
The bulls were biting and that always
makes for a fun day on the water.
Jordan Minton and Jim Robinson
Boyce D
Larry D.
Boyce brought his brother Larry back down here to do a
little more fishing with me and they had a super trip.  You
just never know how a day will turn out and these two
had two great ones in a row.  Plenty of big reds and
trout.  It sure made that drive from Mississippi
Richard Manzilla
Fred Brown
Harris Brown
This father and son team, Fred and Harris Brown, came over from
Montgomery, Alabama.  Son Harris was in from Stanford U. and they
decided it was time to make a little trip to the Delta to enjoy a day on
the water hauling in those reds and specks.  Great job guys.
Richard Manzilla is one of my
regular clients and this day was
another great one in spite of the
weather.  Just look at those clouds!
Laurie and Jim                                      
Yes, Jim Robinson decided to
enjoy another trip down here to
the Delta and this time he brought
his wife Laurie.  She had a great
time hauling in those big reds and
just having fun.