Ross King and Sunty
Troy Adams
From October 8, 2009 to
BP Oil Spill
Ron, Jeff, and Richard
Jim Bare & Marc Rynerson
Bill Lucas
Jack Hillerich & Marc
Day One
Day Two
Marc Rynerson & Paul Keith
Sam Popejoy
Waite Popejoy
Bobby Craig, George Marretta &
Marty came down to the Delta from
New Jersey and he had a great time
catching his first redfish.  He is
originally from Czech which is
where my daughter-in-law is from -  
small world.
Waite and his son Sam
made it back down for
another go at the great
reds and trout we are so
famous for down here at
the mouth of the
Mississippi and they
weren't disappointed in the
least.  We love welcoming
back clients who return
time and again
Valerie was part of a group that came to
us from the Houston area with Rick
Harper.  The group has been down
before but this was Valerie's first time
and she did a great job hauling in her
first redfish.
Ross, Sunty, and Troy were part of a
group who came in with Greg Adams
from around my hometown of
Denham Springs.  We had a fun time
on the water hauling in some
Ron, Jeff, and Richard joined me
for a little game of "haul them in"
down here and what a great day it
was!  There is nothing like a day on
the water with friends
Bobby Craig, George
Marretta, and Steve
Thomas's trip was
arranged as an
award and they did
more outstanding
work once they got
down here.  It took a
while to get
schedules lined up,
but the wait was
worth it.  Just look at
those great fish.
Marc comes down to us each
year and brings a bunch of his
old friends who were all formerly
with the Boy Scouts of America.  
It is always a fun group and this
year was no exception.  The
fishing was fantastic on all three
days.  Wow!  three days in a row
of that kind of fishing - just look
at the pictures - is almost
Chuck, Keith, and Al came to us
from San Antonio to try their hand
at limiting out on those great reds
and trout from the Delta.  We had a
great day!  The day started slow
but it wasn't too long before it
turned red hot and we had all we
could handle.
Chuck Sullivan
Keith Chariton
Judge Al Alonso
Dennis and Carol Hettich
Carol and Dennis Hettich came
down from South Dakota to do a
little fishing down here in the Delta
and just look at that spread of bull
reds they hauled in.  It is always a
thrill when you tie in to one of
these babies.
These two anglers caught me
on a day I hadn't planned on
going out and what a great day they had on this last minute
booking.  There's nothing like those big Delta reds.  
Alan Earnest
Minos Nunez
Seth Theriot
Minos, Alan, and Seth - all from Bass Pro - came on down to
spend a little time relaxing and enjoying the great fishing here in
Bud Watt
An alligator garfish is not what we
would call a keeper, but Bud had
a great time hauling this monster
in.  Sometimes trash fish are the
most fun to catch.
Martha and Jim
It was a fantastic day for hooking
those big reds and Martha and Jim
Chambliss took full advantage of
it.  Just take a look at that giant
one in the top photo!  It took both
of them to hold it up for the
MAC Cummins
Katie Crawford
Katie and MAC
along with Katie's
dad Dennis had a
great day on the
water relaxing
and catching
those delicious
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