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May 2, 2011 to Oct. 25, 2012
Taking the day off to fish with my grandsons
and their friend, Caleb
Mike Duke of Mandeville, LA had a great
time on a May trip when he landed this
Matthew Fuentes & me
Me, Caleb
Fryder, Tommy
& Matthew
Gene Smith, Jon Reynolds,
Mo Baker, Smitty Harris
Gene Smith &
Smitty Harris
Jon Reynolds
There is nothing that compares to old
friends sharing great fishing and old
war stories.  And that is exactly what
this group of vets did.  Gene is always
bringing down a great group of friends
that I am privileged to take out.
Pat Beard and Allen Dessell
sure were proud of this chest of
Pat Beard &
Bass Pro managers, Minos
Nunez and Seth Theriot took
some time off to come down
and enjoy a great day on the
Minos Nunez
Seth Theriot &
Minos Nunez
What a tableful of reds
and trout caught on
the Jerry Davis trip!
Mike Duke
Look at these two
beauties Kelly Lee
hauled in!  These
are Venice
beauties at their
Kelly Lee
Dwayne Bennabel
Another day of friends
enjoying the bounty of
the Mississippi Delta.  
Dwayne Bennabel, Al
Ardoin and Kelly Lee
came down to take
advantage of it all.
It is always fun when
you can convince
Daddy to treat you to a
day on the water
catching a box of trout
and reds.  That's
exactly what Liz Taylor
did when she
convinced dad Jamie
Taylor to take her and
her friend Chloe out to
try their luck in the
Liz Taylor & Chloe
Al Ardoin
Cindy Thompson
Cindy Thompson and
her husband Nalton
enjoyed a day out with
me catching some of
those delicious specks.
Jake and Boyce Delashmit
spent two days with me
enjoying a
grandfather/grandson trip.  
What a great way to take a
step back and enjoy quality
time together! Not only did
they catch lots of the usual
Venice fare but also this nice
shark decided to take the
Jake & Boyce Delashmit
Did someone say,
Matthew Fuentes
Yes, that's my baby girl and her two boys showing off some of the trout
they landed on a trip out with her old dad.  It was a day that produced a
mixed bag with trout, reds, black drum, ....  One of the boys was pulling in
a ladyfish when out of nowhere a bull shark leaped into the air and stole
it!!  In all the years I have been down here I have never seen one come out
of the water like that and it was definitely something those boys will
always remember.
Craig Hodges
Amber Hodges
Robert Hodges & Amber
Another fun day on the
water with Amber and
Craig along with their
dad Robert Hodges.  
This group will become
the new part of my family
soon, so it was a special
trip. The kids kept their
dad hopping baiting and
unhooking their reds and
trout.  But that is what
great dads do and he
definitely is one of the
October is always one of my
favorite times to be out in the
Delta and having clients John
and Linda Temple down from
Tupelo made it even better.  We
had a great day taking some of
those nice Delta reds.  It's
always a thrill when you hook
one of those fighters.
Linda Temple
Jerry Landrum
Roger Anderson
This was one of those great October fishing
days that we are blessed with down here at the
mouth of the River when Jerry, Lanny, and
Roger came in from Tennessee to enjoy raking
in those reds and specks we are so famous
for.  Needless to say they had a great time!
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