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April 30, 2013 to  July 22, 2013
Minos Nunez
Seth Teriot
You probably recognize these two if you spend any time roaming
through Bass Pro.  They decided to spend a little time down here in
Tim, Chad, and Martin
Chad LeGrange with friends
Tim and Martin definitely picked
a great day to come and chase
the big reds.  These big guys
gave the anglers a lot of fun
before being hauled into the
boat. The challenge is what
makes fishing so much fun.
There is no better
way to bond with
those grandchildren
than to bring them
out for a day of
fishing down here in
Venice. Doc looks
awfully proud of that
big red his grandson
John Henry landed.  
Fishing creates
wonderful memories
and connects the
generations of the
The trout were definitely
hungry when Rusty
Tardo,writer for
, and Paul
Reeves,manager of Venice
Marina, went out with me the
other day.  Boy!! Did they
filled the ice chest.  Be on the
look out for a great article by
Rusty about fishing the
islands in Breton Sound in
the July issue of
Brian Schweiss
It was a beautiful day to be out on the water
enjoying a little friendly competition and the trout
and reds were definitely cooperating.  Brian and
John Schweiss, brothers down from the St. Louis
area, certainly took full advantage of it catching
some great examples of each fish.  Just look at the
size of them!
Paul Reeves
Rusty Tardo
Doc Dahlke & John Henry
the Delta with
me  brushing up
on their fishing
skills. (Not that
either one
needed to)  We
had a great time
swapping tips
and tales while
filling the ice
Lane Harris
& Junior
Kenny Waters
Roy Langridge
Roy and Kenny came down and we
had a great day!  It was one of those
days that starts out fast and just
keeps going.  The boys limited out
early and the rest of the time was
catch and release until they got
tired and wanted to go in.  There is
nothing like having a day when you
decide to go in and leave those big
reds still biting.
It is that time of the year
when grandpas and
grandsons love to have
a little quality time
together.  Lane Harris
and his grandson
Junior went out and did
just that.  That fish gave
them a great fight and
that's what makes the
Jamie Taylor & Cain Altazin
With the weather going bad Jamie Taylor and Cain Altazin
decided to go ahead and fish until the storms rolled in.  
Fortunately the fish were there and they put 33 really nice ones
in the ice chest before we had to run for cover.
Mark Lewis and Reagan
Mark and Reagan came
down from Indiana with
some of their friends for a
two day charter and we
really had two great trips.  
The last day we limited out
on some beautiful trout
and also on those reds
that all anglers love to
Carey and Ann Swope
When Carey called to
set up the charter, I
found out that he and
Ann had fished all over
the place and had been
very active in the Maine
branch of CCA. Since
they had never caught
Bull Reds, they wanted to target them on this trip and that
is exactly what we did.  
 Fighting to haul those big Bulls in
always makes trips like this lots of fun.  Throw in some
Jack Crevalle to battle with and you will end the day with
not only great memories but also with a great physical
Scott & Hayden
When Hayden and Scot Loeb came down for a father/son outing on the
water, it was a perfect day - sunny skies, calm winds, not too hot.  It was also
a day when both the big reds and the specks were really hungry.  The guys
had a great time dragging in some beauties.  I always love these family trips
watching fathers and moms bond with their kids in the beautiful outdoors.  
Life is good.
Parker Kline
This was another one of those father/son trips that I
enjoy so much.  This time Parker Kline earned his title of
"Shark Boy" when he pulled in the little fellow (not
something we normally do).  The rest of the time he was
busy loading up with the big reds.  Love making
Austin Richardson
Austin Richardson
came down with a
group of guys to
enjoy a relaxing
day on the water.  
Here he is
showing off the
perfect sized red
for grilling on the
half-shell.  Again
another great day
in the beautiful
delta that we are
blessed with here
in Louisiana.
Neal Record
Neal Record had a fun time
getting this big bull into the
boat!  This one is definitely
not going to fit on the grill!!!  
so normally we just enjoy
the catch, take some
pictures, then release them
to go back and increase the
red population.  Hooking
those really big ones
definitely makes for an
exciting day.
If you've spent much
time around Venice
Marina, I'm sure you'll
recognize James.  Here
he is with one of my
clients fish right before
he started cleaning the
whole box for me.
There's nothing like
dropping off the box,
going upstairs into the
a/c for a little snack,  
then coming back to
pick the fish up all nice
and cleaned.